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3 for two, MCT full spectrum cbd hemp oil

superior quality, super value


3x 500mg 30ml, bottles

3x 1500mg 30ml,bottles

3 x 3000mg  30ml bottles


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All our mct full spectrum hemp  CBD oils contain 500mg, 1500mg or 300mg  CBD (cannabidiol) (5%, 15% or 30%).

1 drop of this 500mg oil contains around 2mg CBD, 1500mg, has about 6mg per drop, the 3000mg has around 12mg per drop.

For ideal impact, it is prescribed to take the item sublingually (under the tongue) and not to devour food or fluids 15 minutes after ingestion.

This item ought to be put away in a dull and cold spot/ fridge. Consequently, it ought not to be presented to daylight or warmth.

Our CBD items are GMO-free, gluten-free and contain no substance added substances. So not take if pregnant or nursing.


Our MCT oil, in basic terms, is a  refined form of Coconut oil, Coconut oil has many advantageous health benefits, coconut oil has an array of health and wellbeing benefits.


Medium Chain Fatty oils (MCT oils)  are found in Coconut oil, Palm oils and some dairy items.  MCT is high in unsaturated fats,  which in general give a balanced and vital source of essential nutrients and vitamins which are crucial to the normal functioning of the human body.

MCT oils can be rapidly absorbed into the body-and when CBD is included; the CBD is assimilated super successfully and effectively as well.


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MCT hemp cbd oil


MCT can be found in two structures – caprylic and capric corrosive… or a blend of the two. MCT is found to have many productive benefits for your mind, body and soul and works similar to Melatonin.

As mentioned above, MCT stands for Medium Chain Fatty oil. But what exactly are those? Medium Chain Fatty substances are a sort of immersed unsaturated fat. Medium Chain Fatty are popular in health and wellbeing communities.

From the footballer to the yoga practitioner, many people who wish to look after their health, have tapped into the many benefits of  MCT oils.

Including rapid ingestion into the body,  this makes mixing mct with CBD and hemp products a perfect combination.  As many full-spectrum hemp oils, CBD products user,   use, theses products to help with pain relief, whether that be pain in the mind, body or soul.

Also, the fact that MCT , fats do not readily bind themselves to muscles, unlike other fats, as MCT oils are less, solid than other facts.

This makes MCT oils perfect choice for athletes and the health-conscious.

Numerous individuals have decided to utilize MCT oils in their wellbeing and health schedules and their eating regimens.

MCT Oils can be easily mixed into smoothies, a plate of mixed greens, salad dressings and many other of your favourite meals.

In wellbeing food circles, many people, sing praises about MCT oils, a significant number of their dietary benefits, including the fast energy it provides for the human body, the feeling of revitalization, some say it helps with weight management.

At eliquid hemp oils, we aim to provide a wide array of products to suit all our customer’s needs we provide full-spectrum hemp CBD products.

Made from VG vegetable glycerin, hemp oil, coconut oil and MCT oil.

Since Cannabidiol (CBD) is a fat-solvent aggravate, this implies it is best and diffused for retention, when combined with a lipid-like an unsaturated fat, like MCT oil.

So why do we use  MCT oil in some of our full-spectrum CBD oil products?

Because MCT oil is an excellent transporter for  CBD.

Helping it reach your Cannabinoid receptors, and it can be ingested into your circulatory system, more quickly than using other carrier oils.


more about, MCT hemp cbd oil uk

MCT oil also provides a safer way for full-spectrum hemp CBD products to work with your body and ECS. The capacity for any compound to endure ingestion and absorption is otherwise called its “bioavailability”.

Bioavailability is a term used to explain, the ability of any given substance to be absorbed by your body.

By using a  quality transporter oil like a coconut MCT, we at e-liquid hemp oils UK, are guaranteeing the most secure and useful way to get full-spectrum hemp- CBD  into your system.

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Helps with diet management

MCT oil functions admirably as a component of a low carb way of life. It produces ketones, which are significant in helping you manage your weight, beat sugar longings and help with your fat consumption. Many following a ketogenic diet, rave about MCT’s benefits in helping them achieve their goals.


Helps with fat management

Your body treats the fat you ingest in one of two different ways: utilizing it or putting it away. MCT is considerably less liable to be put away as fat, by your body; instead, your body burns and consumes these fats, rapidly.

For this reason,  many athletes and fitness enthusiast use MCT supplements, to give them fuel to practice and exercise, daily.

MCT oil is promptly consumed by the body since it isn’t being stored away in fat cells. MCT is lower in calories than many other fats also and helps the body consume all fats and other essential vitamins and nutrients effectively.

Reduction in hunger

One promising research study has indicated that MCT has all the earmarks of being more compelling than LCTs ( other fats and oils)  at expanding, explicit hormones that  reduce cravings

And can therefore help with weight reduction

Numerous individuals who’ve utilized MCT oil for weight reduction have reported many positive results for the long term.

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