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Full-spectrum hemp oil CBD paste

Full-spectrum Hemp - CBD Paste UK, 13%, extraction We sell our, Full range cannabinoid, paste in either 10ml, 50ml or 100ml syringes. There is approx 130mg of full-range cannabinoids per 1ml of hemp CBD paste UK. Approx 8.5 mg per, speck/rice size dosage. Welcome to this product listing for Full-spectrum hemp CBD Paste UK, all our hemp cbd paste range are produced using a whole plant extraction method. Definest CBD cbd paste is cannabinoid-rich, all our CBD pasts are developed for around 120 days. To guarantee the potency and quality. Our hemp paste UK is produced using a 13% extraction. We make our, Full-range hemp paste UK from a whole hemp CBD plant, co2 extraction and coconut oil. We suggested 2-8, rice size drops to be taken orally every day. Always get clinical guidance before using our CBD paste and other hemp oil products