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A Guide on How to Vape CBD: How You Should Choose and How Much You Need

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CBD users sometimes look for a faster and more convenient relief. While some products such as tinctures and capsules have been proven  to be effective, these are often associated with issues on onset times and bioavailability.


For those who want an instant relief, more and more vape-related products are being introduced in the market that give you the chance to administer the different cannabis-derived compounds such as CBD in a more effective manner.


This short guide is made especially for people who are new to vaping CBD but are interested to try this alternative way of CBD consumption. In this blog  we will provide  some general information on vaping CBD, how to choose the right vape and how much CBD you need.


Why Should You Vape CBD, Anyway?


During CBD consumption, just a small amount of ingested products actually find their way to the bloodstream and provide the compound’s active effects. The scientific term for this percentage is bioavailability. Different methods of CBD ingestion also have different levels of durations, onset times and bioavailability.


Since CBD is hydrophobic, it means that it doesn’t mix well with water. As the body of an adult is composed of more than 60% water, it can be a big deal when it comes to absorption to the bloodstream. Once swallowed, CBD needs to pass through the digestive system and finally the liver before this enters circulation.


The moment CBD reaches the liver, the enzymes there break down a certain amount of the compound and flush it out of the body without causing any active effect. The process is called first pass metabolism.

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Vaping cbd provides superior bioavailability

This is the reason why most of the traditional ways of CBD ingestion suffer from long onset times and low bioavailability. For instance, oil-based capsules could suffer from more than 90% of the product that is flushed out of the system with just 10% actually working its way within the body.

Today’s CBD industry works hard to improve the low bioavailable ingestion methods with the use of new technologies such as nanoemulsification. The said solutions have been showing some effectiveness but those people who want immediate relief usually turn to vaping CBD as the most viable solution.

Vaping CBD is Convenient, Quick and Efficient

Through vaping CBD, the inhaled compound will enter your bloodstream through the lungs. Once the molecule enters the bloodstream with this method, it can bypass the first-pass metabolism since inhaled compounds don’t have to pass through your liver or gut.

Once inhaled, the lungs’ highly permeable surface will instead let the CBD to be held in the small vapour particles to easily and quickly enter your body. These tiny particles easily and quickly disperse in the bloodstream. This results in one of the most effective ways of CBD ingestion with a bioavailability of as much as 50%.

In addition, inhaling CBD offers a consistent and fast onset time. You can feel the effects of inhaled vapour in just a matter of 2 to 5 minutes. It is almost immediate as compared to the onset of 30 to 90 minutes for swallowed or even the onset of 20 to 40 minutes for the sublingual application.

Most users prefer this fast-acting relief, and they also find it easier to adjust the dosage they like and need. They just need to vape, wait, observe the vape again when necessary.

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Not Everyone Can Try Vaping CBD

All the advantages of vaping CBD comes with some tradeoffs. There are several considerations that every person should weigh up first, before they inhale any type of substance.

Some downsides are associated to inhaling certain vaporised chemicals and there are no substantial documentations on their long term effects. If you are interested to give vaping a try, it is important to be familiar first with the possible risks of vaping and other CBD-specific concerns so you can minimize the risks.

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How to Choose the Best Products for Vaping CBD


The best CBD products not only contain food-grade ingredients but are also free from those that were identified as detrimental to human health. Studies revealed that most patients with lung disease who vaped CBD used those products containing vitamin E acetate. There are also patients who used the vape pens that have aliphatic esters while some vaped using products that contained polyethylene glycol. Although users need to avoid such ingredients, authorities stressed that these might not be the only reasons behind the lung diseases.


When searching for the best CBD vape products, make sure that you stick only with the legal sources, even when the options on the black market are easier to obtain and cheaper. When shopping, it is important to be familiar with the three different types of CBD oil available in the market.


  1. CBD isolate – It contains aroma-free and pure CBD that is derived from the industrial hemp.
  2. Broad spectrum CBD oil – This contains almost everything found in full spectrum CBD oil except the trace THC amounts.
  3. Full spectrum CBD oil – It contains the complete array of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes as well as other cannabis plant compounds together with 0.3% trace amounts of THC, which is cannabis’ psychoactive component.


No matter what specific type of CBD oil you choose to vape, make sure that it was able to pass the strict measures on quality control so it is less likely that contaminants are present. A reliable company that produces CBD oil will have their products undergo extensive laboratory testing before they hit the market and detailed labels will also be displayed.


Check the label to make sure that it  shows how much THC and CBD in the product, as it is important to know the exact amount of each cannabinoid that you can expect in the product. Stay away from CBD products that contain potentially dangerous ingredients like vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and vitamin E acetate.

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How Much CBD Do You Need to Vape?


Once you start vaping, you can adjust the strength of any e-liquid to suit your specific needs by taking either fewer or more puffs.

The effects of CBD on every person can vary so it is best to start with small amounts every day to give yourself time to get used to vaping CBD and experience all of its effects.

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How to vape the most popular CBD Eliquids:


How to Start Vaping with 1% E-Liquid


You can start by just adding 1ml of 1% e-liquid to your vape tank. It includes 10mg of CBD that you can inhale for more than four days.

Take two puffs in the morning then two more at night. You can try increasing the number of puffs and the frequency of your vaping until the vape tank gets empty when the fourth day ends.

Once you feel comfortable with vaping this amount, you can now aim for 5mg daily for a period of four days. This might require as much as 60 puffs daily to get 5mg of CBD. A more potent liquid is required so you can consume more in lesser inhalations.


How to Start Vaping with 3% E-Liquid


Adding 1ml of 3% e-liquid to the vape tank gives you 30mg of CBD. You can use a third of this throughout the first four days or equivalent to 10mg of CBD.

During the first day, you can take a couple of puffs both in the morning and in the evening. After this, increase the number of puffs as well as the frequency of vaping until you finish the first third of the vape tank when the fourth day ends.

When you are comfortable vaping this amount, you can aim for 5mg of CBD daily until the tank runs empty.


How to Start Vaping with 5% E-Liquid


Add 1ml of 5% e-liquid to the vape tank. This contains 50mg of CBD. You can begin by inhaling a fifth of the vape tank during the initial four days.

Since every puff provides a more significant amount of CBD, you just need several puffs every time. You can aim for 2.5mg per day that can be two sessions of up to three puffs for an average vape.

You can then finish the rest of the 40mg in a period of eight days.


no matter the % you use, always start off small to keep tolerance as low as possible as this not only keeps your body in balance, but saves you $$££.

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Increase the CBD Strength at Your Own Pace

By following the tips above, you can reach the daily amount of 5mg CBD. No matter how strong your chosen oil might be, you can add one more 1ml to the tank and increase the amount that you use daily little by little.

Taking 10mg for four days and four days of 15mg then so on can help you determine the right level for you. Most people who are vaping CBD use around 30mg to 40mg on a regular basis but the correct amount is always different for every person. Once you find the routine that can give you the kind of results you need and want, you need to stop increasing the amount.

Vaping CBD is one of the most cost-effective and convenient methods of CBD consumption. If you are new to the world of vaping, make sure that you find and use high-quality products that work best for you.

A Guide on How to Vape CBD: How You Should Choose and How Much You Need, continued ….





LOW DOSAGE                              12MG

MEDIUM DOSAGE                      15MG

HIGH DOSAGE                             18MG



LOW DOSAGE                              18MG

MEDIUM DOSAGE                      22.5MG

HIGH DOSAGE                             27MG



LOW DOSAGE                              25MG

MEDIUM DOSAGE                       30MG

HIGH DOSAGE                             45 MG


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Different types of CBD Vapes


Disposable CBD vape pens , are the most economical way to start vaping cbd and after all , its best to see if you like vaping cbd , before you invest a lot of money in a vape pen.

Disposable CBD vape Pens are small and lightweight, bast on a cigarette with a built in coil and battery, typically disposable cbd vape pens last for 200-300+ puffs. So you should be able to buy one and test it over a few days—to see if disposable cbd vape pens are for.


CBD pods  are made to be used with JUUL vape, as you know juul are a popular vape pen due to the convenience of use, you can use the same vape pen as you vape nicotine with if you already have a JUUL.



Refillable CBD vape pens , are available to buy, they are many different types, always check user reviews before choosing your brand, as these are more reliable,  refillable cbd vape pens are good for those who wish to mix their own cbd eliquid. Cbd vape pens come in different types, but most have a internal coil and battery all in the same unit.


Using a  refillable cbd vape pen is the most cost effective way in the long run, as you can buy your own cbd eliquid in bulk or your own cbd isolate or distallate. And create your own mixture of cbd vape juice, you can buy flavourings, and they areplently of videos online telling you how to mix and work out the mg per ml. refillable cbd vape pens require some maintenance , make sure you clean  the tank regularly and  change the coil.


CBD oil cartridges  can be used to vape cbd, these pens are slender and cyclinder shaped, and commme pre filled with cbd vape juice, distallate or isolate, to use cbd cartridges you will need a vape pen. Cbd oil cartridges are a easy way to ensure your getting the amount of cbd stated on the cartridge, making dosage time easier for you.

Typically the amount of cbd in each cartridge is 0.5- 1ml, and the mg amounts vary. To vape your cbd cartridge you will need a vape pen or 510 thread battery, which are compatible with the standard “510” cbd cartridges.

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