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Different Types of Vapes and Vaping Mods: Pros and Cons

Different-Types-of-Vapes, vapes-different-types,different-types-of-vape

Different Types of Vapes


Vaping devices have gone through many changes and evolution’s at such an amazing rate ever since the first modern e-cigarette was invented in 2003.

But, with all the different types of vapes out there, it can be very confusing to know where to begin and what to choose out of all the available options. The task becomes even more challenging if you are just new to the world of vaping, eliquids and e- ciggerattes

While there are a lot of compelling and recreational reasons to try vaping, many people do so because they want to quit smoking.

This article discusses the most common and popular kinds of vaping devices that you can find in the market today as well as their respective advantages and disadvantages.

If you are just a beginner who wants to try to quit your smoking habit, it is recommended to keep it simple at first. You can have more chances of success if the device you choose is simple and easy to use.


Also, make a clear plan on:

  • What dose will you start with
  • The period of time , it will take you to quit
  • Think of 6-12 week intervals in which you will lower your starting does, little by little
  • The type of support you will need to overcome your smoking addiction
  • Also, choose a reputable supplier to buy your vape pen from
Different-Types-of-Vapes, vapes-different-types,different-types-of-vape

Different types of vapes and vape mods


  1. Vape Pens

The shape of vape pens are similar to that of e-cigarettes, but these are significantly bigger with better performance compared to cigalikes. A vape pen is composed of two primary parts, namely the tank and the battery. Some vapes are detachable, and some are an all-in-one piece.


  • Battery life is longer.
  • Compact enough, so it fits easily in one hand.
  • It offers better performance compared to e-cigarettes.
  • This comes with replaceable cartridges or coils
  • Vape pens are refillable.




  • It has limited capacity because of the small size.


  1. Pod Vapes

Pod vapes are among the most practical types of vapes that you can get now. These devices often perform at higher levels than e-cigarettes, and these are great for nicotine salt e-liquid that make them effective for smooth delivery of nicotine.

This is a two-piece device, and one is the battery and the second piece is the refillable pod or replaceable cartridge. Pod vapes are quite easy to use, and they work well with smokers who want to quit.



  • A pod vape is great for stealth vaping.
  • These devices are draw or button activated.
  • There are replaceable and refillable pods.
  • These are easy to operate.
  • Pod vapes have a practical form factor.




  • The battery life is lesser compared to big devices.
Different-Types-of-Vapes, vapes-different-types,different-types-of-vape

Different Types of Vapes, continued


3. E-Cigarettes


Cigalikes or e-cigarettes are meant to resemble real cigarettes in size and shape.

Although people usually call vapes as e-cigarettes every now and then, the term is often used for the small electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes typically come in two or one-piece designs.

The one-piece designs are usually disposable, and the two-piece e-cigarettes have replaceable cartridges.

This type of vape is relatively easy and straightforward to operate. It is recommended to get a device like this, especially for users who wish to say goodbye to their smoking habit.



  • E-cigarettes are discreet.
  • These devices are convenient and small.
  • These are easy to use.
  • Cigalies are affordable.




  • Their battery life is shorter than larger devices.


4. Box Mod Kits

The box mod kits are made for intermediate to advanced vape users. The moment you develop a taste of vaping, and you wish to take things to the higher level, box mod kits are what you should get.

These vapes are bigger in size, and it often means that they provide a better performance, longer battery life, huge clouds, and flavour production.

Unlike e-cigarettes, pods, or pens, box mod kits come with more features and settings such as variable wattage that you can choose from as well as temperature control abilities.

Their tanks can be direct to lung sub-ohm tanks or mouth to lung clearomisers.



  • The external or internal batteries are long-running.
  • There are several devices for you to choose from.
  • You can use box mod kits with other tanks.
  • Box mod kits have higher performance.




  • These are not as compact, unlike pens or e-cigarettes.
Different-Types-of-Vapes, vapes-different-types,different-types-of-vape

more about,Different Types of Vapes


5. Regulated Squonk Starter Kits


Typical regulated squonk starter kits are composed of the squonk RDA and regulated squonk mod. With squonk starter kits, there is no need for you to drip the e-juice on the coil from time to time since the juice gets fed from below through the tiny squeezable bottle connected to the atomizer.

It makes these kits more practical. These are also among the most advanced and most popular vapes that you can find on the market right now. Many regulated squonk kits have single battery configuration although dual batteries have become more popular recently.




  • These devices offer high performance.
  • You don’t need to drip the juice on the top any longer.
  • You can build the coils according to your needs.




  • Switching to squonk mod means that you will have to switch to a heavier and larger vaping device.


6. High Wattage Starter Kits


The high wattage starter kits are for the advanced users or those users who already understand all the basics of battery safety, how to calculate ohm’s law and more.

When armed with the basic knowledge, you could use the device to have a customized vaping experience according to your liking. High wattage starter kits are just like box mod starter kits, and the difference is that they have extra power because of the additional batteries.

Most of the time, these devices are being used together with the tanks that take the replaceable coils. However, you can also find them with the rebuildable coils like ROTAs, RTAs, and RDAs. Majority of high wattage box mods have three or two batteries.




  • They have greater battery life.
  • They offer good variety in specs, performance, size and others.
  • Their tanks are interchangeable.
  • These kits offer great performance.




  • These are not as compact as pens or e-cigarettes.
Different-Types-of-Vapes, vapes-different-types,different-types-of-vape

Image by anjawbk from Pixabay

How to Choose the Right Type of Vape for You


There is no denying that vaping has now become a big industry as the sales for vapes, vaping joints and e-juices increase every year.

Companies with direct or indirect affiliation to vaping have seen significant growth. But still, it is expected that the industry will soon slow down because of the expected stiff regulations that will be put in place.

It is to ensure the control and safety of vaping and vapers respectively from the dishonest businesses and vendors that are only out to take advantage of the new vapers.

As of now, the hardware remains to be in the stage of development with many nicotine smokers switching to vaping from cigarette smoking.

Often hopping straight into the more enhanced types of consumption of vape juice such as the use of sub-ohm coils, cloud chasing or mods.

However, smokers are recommended to start with one of the  simple devices and not the big ones.

For example, it is suggested that smokers should begin with vape starter kits that are considered as the most ideal cigalike vape that was ever made.

After some time, they can feel more comfortable with the large mods that can provide improved satisfaction compared to the simple ones.

Different-Types-of-Vapes, vapes-different-types,different-types-of-vape

Different Vape Types, in conlusion


Meanwhile, for the heavy consumers of nicotine, specifically smokers who want to switch to vaping, pod mod vapes will be easier to use and also more efficient compared to cigalike vapes.

For the beginners who plan to invest in cigalike devices, they might want to consider investing in pod mods.

Once again, box mod types are not good for beginners since they need some knowledge of the basic things.

But still, they are good investments for the more experienced vapers who are looking for the powerful devices that could produce astonishing flavour and huge clouds.

As for the vape pens, these are most suitable for vaping experts and starters alike because they are user-friendly as well as highly efficient when it comes to producing the highest level of satisfaction. The vape pens offer the right amount of CBD and flavorful clouds.

For those who want to join the world of sub-ohming, they might want to invest their money in high-quality vape pens as these are the best options for the overall vaping experience.


How to Make the Most Out of Your Vape


Getting an excellent user experience doesn’t always mean that you need to draw big sips from your vape because even small sips can also serve you well.

If you a beginner, whether you are a new nicotine consumer or a past smoker, it is important to keep in mind that vaping is very much different from smoking a traditional cigarette.

You need to get the correct strength for your e-juices that will correctly suit your preference.

Even cigarette makers consider smoking as a dangerous habit that could affect your overall health.

Vaping is the alternative form of nicotine consumption and is not linked with those consequences.

Before you take the plunge into vaping, always invest in the right type of vape to help you with a smooth and seamless transition.

The best type of vape for you offers only the most satisfying vaping experience.

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