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10 Best Vape Pens For E – Liquid and E – Cigarettes 2020

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Best Vape Pens For E Liquid



The best vape pens can be found everywhere you go.

While some of these are made to handle marijuana concentrates such as oils or waxes, many vape pens are specially made for e-liquids.

If you want to kick your smoking habit, an e-liquid vape can help you in your endeavours, standard, and manufactured e-liquid vapes are more straightforward and smaller compared to the mod vaporizers that are popular among seasoned vapers.

The good thing about the best e-liquid vape pens is that they can still offer outstanding performance and sufficient battery life enough to last you for the day.

The only tricky thing here is to find the one that will meet all your requirements and make it easier for you to quit smoking.

The good news is that there are now plenty of options when it comes to the best e-liquid pen vape, and some of these are the following:



  1. Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus


Vaporesso’s Sky Solo Plus gets the number 1 place as the best e-liquid pen vape you can find out there right now.

This is not really because of innovations or excellent manufacturing but more about the device offering all the things you will ever need with reasonable pricing that will convince any smoker to try vaping.

The device looks pretty basic with a bubble-style tank and chunky battery with one button to operate the device and the USB charging port opposite it.

The Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus tank holds e-juice of up to 8 ml and features a couple of mesh coils of 0.18 ohm as standard.

These provide excellent performance in vapour and flavour alike, and the unit also offers an adjustable airflow to let you control your experience better.

So we like this for ease of use, durability and features such as controlled airflow, that allows you to get your full hit.


  1. ePuffer Titan X



Talking about durability, If you are looking for the best pen vapes made to last, then the ePuffer Titan X is your best option.

Its stainless steel construction makes the device feel sturdy and durable without feeling too heavy.

Similar to other devices, ePuffer also comes with direct to lung and mouth to lung coils.

However, the mouth to lung coil is where the device really excels. It has a superb flavour and provides throat draw and hit that mimics that of a cigarette.

So for all you heavy smokers, use to that throat hit who are now intending to quit but are worried about not getting enough nicotine or vape liquid you may need, well this vape is for you.

For it gives a “realistic “effect will using it, and won’t make you feel like your missing out, while you are giving up on cigarettes.

The ePuffer Titan X has very good battery life with an internal capacity of 1500mAh.

Filling it is also a breeze with the top fill system so you can easily refill it even if you are on the go.

This makes the ePuffer Titan one of the best vape pens that you can get and use right now.


  1. JUUL by Pax – unique design and one of the early innovators of vape devices



The JUUL by Pax can be considered as a revolutionary device, because it is regarded as one of the best e-liquid pen vapes by its users, thanks to the Juul’s, one of a kind approach, design the Juul’s raw specs.

The Juul’s innovative design resembles a USB stick instead of a traditional flavoured vape pen.

However, the Juul has conventional vape pen features which offer plenty of benefits.

This device makes use of JUULbpods or the tiny pods that contain e-juice instead of the usual refillable tank, which many other e-liquid vape pens offer.

The Juul has five available flavours using high-strength nicotine liquid to make sure that your vaping experience will be as satisfying as you want it to be.

The battery of JUUL is a bit small, but since the Juul is specifically made to be used with the pods, it will be enough for you to use it for an entire day before you have to charge it again.

The Juul is for those who want to keep it simple, who want a vape which does  exactly ,what it says on the tin, keeping all the fuss out of your vaping experience.

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Image by Ethan Parsa from Pixabay

Best Vape Pens For E Liquid , continued


4. SMOKO Vape Starter Kit – unique draw activated design- no buttons just puff


Just like the Juul, There is no question that the Smoko Vape Starter Kit is one of the best e-liquid pen vape for new vapers.

This is because the device has prefilled cartridges that eliminate the need to bother and mess around with the picking and filling up of the tank with e liquids.

The smoko has excellent overall build quality with a very good battery life and impressive cartridge flavours.

The menthol and cigar or tobacco flavours being offered do an excellent job in mimic the actual thing, smoko users report that the device and its creators have also nailed the fruit flavours of their e-liquid cartridges.

Even the complete newbies can use it straight out of the box as there are no buttons to press at all.

The device is draw activated so you can get started with your session in no time. And with its flavours, you can expect to stay away from cigs before you even know it.


  1. Innokin Zlide Tube Pen


Ever since it innokin joined the vape industry, Innokin has come up with numerous excellent devices, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that one of their devices made it on to this list of the best vape pens right now.

At a glance, the Zlide Tube Pen looks like other vape pens that are chunky with a single button for operation and standard style tank.

But, this device has been beautifully designed and put together with care taken in every part, from the constant output of 16W that maximizes performance while preserving the battery life to the child-locking but the slide-open top filling system for its tank.

It has a quite big battery at 3000mAh that can last you the whole day. Zlide focuses on flavour, and the mouthpieces and coils are designed with this in mind.


  1. Apollo OHM Go Starter Kit


Most new vapers are familiar with the Apollo Ohm Go starter kit as it combines performance and ease of use, making it the best e-liquid pen vape for first-timers.

Add in the fact that it looks fantastic and you’d know why it is so popular.

This pen vape packs a battery of 1900mAh combined with a tank supplied with 1.0Ohm and 0.5Ohm coils.

These two coils let you experience mouth to lung vaping and sub-ohm vaping,  just like the titian X, WHICH IS NUMBER 2, the Apollo OHM Go Starter Kit is almost the same as smoking a regular cigarette.

This pen vape is very easy to use as this is almost like a plug and play device. All you have to do is add your e-liquid, and you are good to go.

Keep is breezy and easy!!!

Image by goranmx from Pixabay

More, Best Vape Pens For E Liquid 


7. Innokin Gomax Tube Pen


Surprise, surprise Another pen vape from Innokin makes this list, Gomax grabs a spot once again on this list as it boasts an outstanding design with more focus on average daily vapers.

This vape has excellent maximum power and uses the cloud-producing ability of its Plex3D matrix coils are, basically, the evolution of mesh coils.

This one is for all you who love to see clouds coming out your mouth, not just in the skies.

But what makes Gomax unique is that it has disposable tanks when the coil dies, making things so much easier for new vapers.

Its top filling tank of 5.5ml with 0.19Ohm Plex3D coils provides impressive performance when it comes to vapour and flavour.

A 3000mAh battery powers the device offering an output of 80W and this combined with its one of a kind coil design and adjustable airflow system at the tank’s base can resulting in the vast production of clouds, mentioned once again for effect.

So if you want to make it cloud!!!! , choose the Innokin Gomax Tube Pen vape.


8. Freemax Twister


The Freemax Twister is one of the surefire winners as far as sub-ohm vape pens are concerned.

Featuring one of the finest designs and functionality, for clouds and flavour, with none other than the Fireluke 2 sub-ohm tank, the Twister can push many other vape pens to the side with its superb performance and useability.

This vape pen also comes with adjustable wattage through the dial found on the bottom of the battery and can provide a massive output of 80W.

Its internal battery of 2300mAh offers excellent life provided that you don’t chain vape at maximum wattage.

With its topnotch quality, it’s hard to resist naming it as one of the best vape pens in the market…..go freemax Twister, oh yeah.

We are now coming to the final two vape pens on our top ten list, is it a bird, is it a plane, no……it’s a daily vape pen…….


9. Aspire Tigon


Features a no-nonsense design that provides control over performance and the sizable battery of Aspire Tigon makes it earn the label as the best e-liquid pen vape.

It basically resembles a chunky vape pen with one button for operation together with a basic-looking tank.

But its tank with 3.5 ml capacity with both 0.4 ohm DL and 1.2 ohm MTL coils that lets you vape anyway you like or use the device and higher resistance coil with your nicotine e-liquid vape juices.

The airflow system is also adjustable so you will be able to get the kind of draw you like with each mode also giving you a drip tip.
Its battery is also impressive at 2600mAh that is enough to last you for the day or even longer if you use the higher resistance coil.

Last but not by any means least…tada…………..



  1. Jacvapour Series S-17


The Jacvapour Series S-17 is compact enough but still offers lots of battery life with its battery of 900mAh.

This is a plug and play device without variable wattage setting.

What’s good about this mini, powerhouses battery, is that it recognizes the various resistances from the coil and sets the appropriate output wattage consequently….saving energy and prolonging your vaping experience.

The kit also comes with a tank that provides really great flavour, and you just need to add your e juice to get started.


Finding the best e-liquid pen vape isn’t easy,  but as long as you know what you need and what to look for, you would surely be able to pick your perfect choice out of the best vape pens in this list.

Use these suggestions to know what to buy and consider all the essential factors before you make your final decision to have the best vaping experience ever.

When choosing a vape pen to keep in mind, the following things.


first thing first, always fo your research, read as many reviews as you can and think about how you be using your vape, daily? occasionally, indoors- outdoors?

How long is the battery life? Will, just 1 hour between vape charges, last you, or do you need a device with a larger battery?? 1800 MH or more?

Do you need more than one battery, are spare batteries available to purchase?

Do you need a big tank, do you wish to fill and therefore clean the tank yourself, or would you prefer a pre-packaged device which uses specific cartridges?

Do you want big or little cloud production?

Does durability matter? Do you work outdoors, where your device may be prone to breakages? If so choose a sturdy vape pen?

Often you do get what you pay for, so bear in mind, do you want a budget device or want to push the boat out?

Many vape users, typically have at least two vapes, as yano what if your vape breaks? You don’t want to be forced back into old habits, especially if you are quitting smoking.

Also, take into account the design of the vape, whether it has good airflow, is it easy to clean? Can you order replacement parts, easily for the device, as some e-liquid tanks can be prone to breaking?

Because of the removable tank features, this is why some vape pen users prefer prefilled cartridges.

While others like to mix their flavours and experiment, and then others like to mod their vape devices to match their needs,  so yes there is some food- or vape for thought.

Thanks for reading this review,  on the Best Vape Pens For E-Liquid


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